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Site Secure is a leading security partner that specializes in providing comprehensive and customized security solutions for your site, reputation, and profits. Our expertise lies in designing and deploying cutting-edge security systems tailored to your specific needs.

Our state-of-the-art surveillance technology ensures reliable and uninterrupted monitoring. We prioritize sustainability by constructing our surveillance towers in-house using solar-powered, environmentally friendly technology. We believe in simplicity and inclusivity, which is why our security solutions encompass live monitoring, data analysis, regular maintenance, cloud storage, and time-lapse features. This holistic approach ensures that you have everything you need to safeguard your premises effectively.

Our deployment process is swift and efficient, as we can set up our surveillance systems anywhere the sun shines within just 30 minutes. This flexibility allows us to provide security solutions for a wide range of locations and industries.
We take pride in our ability to customize our surveillance systems according to your specific requirements. Whether you need additional cameras, enhanced monitoring capabilities, or specialized features, we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique security needs.

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5G Cellular

Stay connected with lightning-fast 5G cellular technology, enabling seamless communication and data transfer for Site Secure's mobile surveillance towers. Experience real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities like never before.

Rapid Deployment

Time is of the essence, and with Site Secure's rapid deployment feature, you can swiftly set up the mobile surveillance towers to secure your site within moments. No more waiting or delays—be ready to protect in an instant.

Automated Alerts

Take advantage of Site Secure's advanced automated alert system. Receive instant notifications and alerts for any suspicious activity or potential threats, ensuring proactive security measures to keep your premises safe and secure.

Cloud Storage

Safeguard your valuable data with Site Secure's cloud storage solution. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of secure, reliable, and easily accessible storage for your surveillance footage. Police

Police Strobe Lights

Enhance the visibility and deterrence power of Site Secure's mobile surveillance towers with integrated police strobe lights. Leave no doubt in the minds of intruders that your site is under constant surveillance and protection.

24/7 Live Monitoring

With Site Secure's 24/7 live monitoring capability, you can have round-the-clock surveillance coverage for your site. Rest easy knowing that your property is under constant watch, day or night.

Lifetime Maintenance

Site Secure takes care of your investment with lifetime maintenance support. Benefit from ongoing maintenance services, ensuring that your mobile surveillance towers operate at their optimal performance throughout their lifetime.

Deployable Anywhere

Site Secure's mobile surveillance towers offer unparalleled flexibility. Whether it's a construction site, event venue, or remote location, easily deploy them anywhere you need enhanced security and peace of mind. The compact form factor fits in places our competitors cannot.

Solar Powered

Embrace sustainability and energy efficiency with Site Secure's solar-powered mobile surveillance towers. Harness the power of the sun to keep your surveillance system operational without relying on external power sources.


Site Secure's mobile surveillance towers are intelligent and self-diagnosing. They proactively identify and resolve any technical issues, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and minimized downtime.

Motion Sensors

Detect any movement within its range and receive real-time alerts, allowing you to take immediate action and ensure the safety of your surroundings. Stay one step ahead with Site Secure Tower's advanced motion detection capabilities.

Site Vulnerability Audits

Site Secure has unrivaled expertise in site security. Above and beyond deterring, detecting, and detaining criminals, Site Secure advises its clients on industry-proven methods for protecting people, property, and profits. Periodic site audits uncover vulnerabilities and recommend resolutions to site owners.

True Security Partner

Site Secure’s suite of products and services are a true partner for any site. We will protect your assets like they’re our own. Focus on what you do best with peace of mind knowing Site Secure is handling all your security needs.

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Our Mobile Surveillance Units are built in-house using solar-powered, environment-friendly technology.