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Top-10 Ways Criminals Enter Private Property Illegally, and How to Prevent Them

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Per the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), heavy equipment theft is a growing problem in the United States, with nearly 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment reported stolen daily to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Annual construction site theft leads to an NER-estimated $1 billion in loss annually, and each incident averages $30,000 in loss. 

Thieves target commercial construction job sites, residential construction, highways, agriculture, industrial yards, schools, and hauling equipment because of their asset values and mobility. Here are the top-ten strategies that criminals use to enter private property undetected, along with suggestions on how business owners can prevent them:

Cutting fences or gates

Criminals may cut through fencing or gates to enter a property. Business owners can prevent this by using high-quality, heavy-duty fencing materials, and adding razor wire or other anti-cutting devices to deter would-be thieves. Regular inspections of the perimeter can also help to identify any potential weaknesses or damage.

Using a disguise

Criminals may use disguises, such as uniforms or badges, to blend in and avoid detection. Business owners can prevent this by verifying the identity of anyone entering the property, especially if they are not expected or if there is any suspicion of suspicious activity.

Posing as workers

Criminals may dress as workers or contractors to enter a site. They may even drive similar vehicles that are already found on site. Business owners can prevent this by verifying the identity of anyone who claims to be working on the property, asking for identification and contacting their employer if necessary.

Using stolen keys

Criminals may obtain stolen keys or access codes to enter a site. Business owners can prevent this by changing locks and access codes regularly and ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to keys or codes.

Tampering with locks

Criminals may pick or break locks to gain entry to a property. Business owners can prevent this by using high-quality locks and ensuring that they are regularly maintained and replaced if necessary. They can also install alarms or surveillance systems that are triggered by unauthorized access attempts.

Climbing or scaling walls

Criminals may climb or scale walls to enter a property. Business owners can prevent this by installing high walls or fences, adding anti-climb devices such as spikes or barbed wire, and using surveillance systems to monitor the perimeter.

Using drones

Criminals may use drones to survey a property or to drop items onto it. Business owners can prevent this by using jamming or detection systems to block or track unauthorized drones.

Hiding in vehicles

Criminals may hide in vehicles, such as delivery trucks or service vans, to enter a site undetected. Business owners can prevent this by verifying the identity of drivers and checking the contents of any vehicles that enter the property.

Creating fake emergencies

Criminals may create fake emergencies, such as a gas leak or fire, to gain entry to a property. Business owners can prevent this by verifying the identity of anyone claiming to be responding to an emergency and contacting the relevant authorities to confirm the situation.

Using diversion tactics

Criminals may use diversion tactics, such as setting off alarms or creating a distraction, to draw attention away from their real target. Business owners can prevent this by ensuring that their security systems are working properly, and by training employees to recognize and report any suspicious activity.

The key is to DETER criminals from targeting your assets. This is where Site Secure specializes. Our security towers have a presence that deters would-be crime. The red and blue flashing lights tell criminals that the site is actively protected. The two-way speaker system allows a human to speak with trespassers to verify credentials and warn of police intervention. Multiple cameras provide a bird’s-eye, 360-degree view so trespassers are unable to slip out of view. Also, our technology does not fall asleep, get sick, show up late, or even blink.

Whatever the tactics used by thieves, there is no doubt that security is key. Site Secure is experienced in deterring crime, detecting suspicious and criminal behavior, and dispatching law enforcement to detain criminals – whether that be from external criminals or inside jobs. We are also experienced in video documentation that helps business owners determine cause and/or fault. See our blog post about “Security: Humans VS Technology” to learn more about our security and surveillance video towers for construction job sites.

Save money, increase security and reduce risks at your music festival or upcoming event with Site Secure. Check out our online reviews, or find us in Arizona, Nevada and Las Vegas and contact Site Secure for peace of mind.

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