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Top-10 Ways Business Owners Can Prevent Equipment Theft

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Owners must exercise diligence in protecting their investments. Failure to do so increases the risk of theft and further adds to the annual cost of equipment theft currently estimated to be more than $1 billion, per the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). With a recovery rate of less than 20 percent, the odds of recovering stolen equipment are not in the owner’s favor.

The NICB recommends the following equipment theft and fraud prevention tips:

  1. Avoid leaving equipment unattended in remote areas where theft is more likely to occur.
  2. Install hidden fuel shut-off systems to make it difficult for thieves to steal the fuel.
  3. Render equipment immobile or difficult to move after hours or on weekends by clustering it in a “wagon-train” formation.
  4. Place equipment such as generators and compressors in a central location, making it more difficult for thieves to steal them.
  5. Maintain a photo archive and a specific list of the PIN and component part serial numbers of each piece of heavy equipment in a central location. This information will aid in identifying equipment if it is stolen.
  6. Use lock-out devices and secure lever controls to fix equipment. This will prevent unauthorized use of equipment and make it more difficult for thieves to move it.
  7. Use sleeve locks to fix backhoe pads in an extended position, keeping wheels off the ground.
  8. Report any thefts immediately to the police and provide necessary information such as equipment make, model, and serial number.
  9. Register equipment with the National Equipment Registry’s (NER) database. This will help authorities recover stolen equipment and return it to its rightful owner.
  10. Ensure security cameras are visible throughout the area. Do not use fake or “dummy” cameras. When possible, have someone monitor the cameras, especially during non-working hours like at night.

At Site Secure, we agree with NICB’s 10 tips for preventing theft. All of the tips, if followed, will help. Pay special attention to #10 and contact Site Secure so we can help! We are experts at securing and protecting your people and assets using specialized security technology. We also form a true partnership with owners and act as security consultants, providing periodic site vulnerability audits for our clients. Our goal is to give you true peace of mind so you can do what you do best and enjoy increased profits.
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