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As an executive at a fast-growing healthcare organization with new practices being built in several states, here are the reasons I’m a believer in, and a customer of, Site Secure mobile surveillance units.


Our typical de novo build takes six months from ground break to grand opening. Before a practice even opens, we invest millions of dollars in the build, equipment, technology, marketing, teammates, doctors, and so much more. We need to open our doors to paying customers ASAP.

When the timeline is delayed it’s EXTREMELY painful. Every day of delay is more money spent and longer you must wait to see profitability. It’s stressful and scary.

We decided the best thing we could do as an organization to protect our investment is to “Protect the Timeline.” Here are the ways we’ve been able to protect the timeline of our construction projects using mobile surveillance units:

  • Deter theft and vandalism
  • Monitor the hours of workers
  • Increase the productivity of workers
  • Verify the progress reports we receive for our projects
  • Save money on our insurance plans (some carriers give discounts)
  • Promote safety on-site, thus minimizing accidents and negligence
  • Have documentation of all events to expedite the resolution of insurance claims and other speed bumps


Burglary and vandalism are far too common at construction sites. People want to spray paint, steal tools, strip copper, break windows, and more.

Our contractor once chased a thief down the street and trapped him in a porta-potty until the cops came… no joke! He got his tools back but lost a half-day of work.

One building burned down and was dubbed arson by law enforcement. Yes, insurance covered it, but had to delay our opening for months.

You’d be blown away by the stories we have. In every major criminal event we’ve had to face, the common denominator was not doing enough to DETER criminals.

That changed when we started using Site Secure. Basically, we invest monthly to keep one or more of their mobile surveillance units deployed at our construction sites all day and night throughout the development timeline.

Just the sight of these units’ towers and cameras would be enough to deter me from entering, but they also have options for red and blue strobes, speakers, lights, radar, cameras we can control, and more. They can all be programmed to activate whenever we prefer – like when there’s motion, at night, or even 24/7.

The technology is super reliable. The solar panels charge the batteries during the day so the security units work all night without any power. They’ve never gone down, even with consistent cloudy days.

We have had ZERO issues with vandalism and theft since using them. Even better, it’s A LOT more cost-effective than having a patrolling armed security guard, which we’ve tried in the past (with lots of issues).


Site Secure set us up to monitor the camera feeds in real-time. Our large executive and facilities teams have our own accounts and can check in on the site from our individual phones, computers, and tablets. The best part is we can monitor and check any time of the day or night and from any location. This is especially big for us when we’re building outside our home state.

Even better, Site Secure allowed us to set up our own push notification preferences. At our construction sites, no one is scheduled to work between 6 PM and 5 AM. Our units are programmed to send us push notifications (text and email) when a camera catches movement between those hours. This allows us to check the live video to see if the movement is worthy of a call to the police.

Luckily, we haven’t had to use this feature much. Again, we feel the tall towers and hi-tech cameras have prevented criminals from coming in, but if they don’t someday, we’ll be ready!


Whether you’re developing a commercial building, apartment complex, or housing community, documentation is the key to protecting your ASSets.

When our team hears of an issue, it’s been a god-send to have the ability to jump into the cloud and review the stored video. It helps us provide proof if there’s an insurance claim, know who to train if a mistake is made, diffuse disagreements between workers, and cruise over other potential speed bumps much faster than if we didn’t have 24/7 documentation from multiple angles.

For us, the icing on the cake is that the cameras have time-lapse capabilities, allowing us to document entire builds in quality, high-definition video. Pretty dang cool.


Here’s the deal… We pay monthly to lease these mobile security systems and it is the best decision we’ve made because it SAVES us way more than we spend and allows us to start MAKING MONEY faster.

We’re experts in healthcare, not security. It’s been a huge blessing to have less stress because of the surveillance units; and less anxiety because Site Secure’s customer support is quick and reliable. They allow us to focus on what we’re best at.

We are life-long customers. We will only build with Site Secure’s partnership, and we encourage others to do the same if you want to protect your investments, people, customers, assets, etc. To us, it’s a no-brainer.  You can contact them here!

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